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May I take this opportunity to introduce our company STL Scaffolds Ltd. We would love to provide you with a complete tender service, and aim to be included onto your supply chain and working with you in the near future. We are Scaffold Temp Roof Experts but our full rang of services follow.

We are bound to being fair and open with clients, and aim to develop a close bond with our clients who demand quality.

STL Scaffolds Ltd provide access solutions for ANY work at height, offering the complete service for any size project.

All employees work within a stringent safety conduct and controls, managed by our in house integrated management systems supervisor. We have thorough procedures and follow all latest Regulations and best practices ensuring works are completed on time within budget ensuring repeat work for us and our clients.

STL Scaffolds began in 2006. We have quickly become a strong force in the Scaffold and Temp Roof industry. We use modern scaffold techniques. And we have become into one of the North-Wests’ leading scaffold suppliers.

Our Scaffold Temp-Roofs are covered with Industrial Shrink Wrap technology. We are the only Scaffold company in the North-West to use this “in-house”. Making us the North-Wests leading scaffold temporary roof experts.

We cater for roofers, builders, painters and plasterers. Industrial, Commercial and Domestic clients. Anybody can get the best quote for our services today.

We supply, erect and dismantle scaffolding and Temporary roofs. Helping you work at height safely and efficiently. We supply  free standing scaffolds. Towers, temporary roofs, stair-cases. Gantries, bin-shoots, you name it.

Temporary Roof Scaffold

Scaffolders Cheshire

We work all over the North-West. We work in the city where pavement safety might be needed. We work on churches or listed buildings, private houses or even in rivers. We would be grateful if you would consider adding us into your supply chain and if you require any more information, please contact us.

078500 44844